About Us

Mission Statement

The Ford Elementary School Foundation established in 2005, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing enhanced educational opportunities that otherwise would not be a part of the Ford Elementary School instructional program. These additional educational opportunities can only be funded through Foundation efforts, and not through the Cobb County Board of Education or our PTSA.

Our Purpose

The Ford ES Foundation is organized exclusively for the purpose of raising funds and providing resources beyond those provided by Cobb County School District or the PTA for the benefit of all students at Ford Elementary.

Why A Foundation?

State and federal funding provide a standard level of educational opportunity for children. With extra effort, it is possible to improve the quality of that standard. The Foundation improves the quality of educational opportunities for students in order to help them reach their fullest potential. Ford ES Foundation is separate from the PTSA, and while both are focused on improving the educational experience, Foundation supports different areas. The PTSA improves the quality of life for students and FESF improves the quality of education. The Foundation raises money through donations, grants, and corporate sponsorship and supports objectives based on the needs of the students as well as parent, administration, faculty and community inputs.

Guiding Principles

  •      Students are our priority and everything we do is for their benefit.
  •      Promote student participation, learning, curiosity and creativity.
  •      Partner with Ford families, the community, administration, faculty and PTSA.
  •      Operate with openess, involvement and respect.
  •      Be good stewards of financial resources entrusted to the Foundation.